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doesn’t everyone need a hundred pound hammer?

Remodeling a house yourself, from scratch, with no prior experience, and no prior equipment, can be a daunting experience. You might actually be thinking “stupid move” or “crazy idea” or “really hilarious, can I watch?”, but I’m going with daunting. … Continue reading

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tales from an airport

Have you ever walked around and actually paid attention to what people are saying around you? Normally, I pay no attention whatsoever. I walk around in a sound proof silence bubble. Like that bubble boy movie, only hopefully not as … Continue reading

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I just want to rent a car

I need to fly down to California for work next week, so I took a deep breath, picked up the phone, and called the Hertz Gold number to see about getting a car. I don’t know why arranging the rental … Continue reading

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panels of water

I was on a panel yesterday for a campus recruiting event. It was set up the regular way of panel discussions: a long table at the front with chairs for each panel participant. At each spot was a packet, a … Continue reading

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concrete redundancy

We know by now that our house was constructed by monkeys without tools who were smoking crack, that our electrical system is haunted, and that our faucets are conspiring with the washing machine to slowly drive me mad. That’s all … Continue reading

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unsupervised sick days

P. and I saw the The Dukes of Hazzard movie last night. Actually, what happened was P. stayed home from work yesterday because he was sick. And when I got home, he said, “look what I got at Home Depot!”, … Continue reading

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super volcanoes and the space needle: exactly the same to me

I love movies about supervolcanoes and tidal waves and crazy disasters. I don’t mean the big budget movies, like The Core or The Day After Tomorrow, but the TV movies, like the one I’m watching right now: Supervolcano. Or that … Continue reading

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