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travel lessons

I curiously continue to lose weight. This despite a diet that has variously consisted of the following: potatoes (in many forms) ¬†and pints (Dublin), room service, more pints, and tequila (London), vodka, cheese, and a bit of chocolate (Zurich), mashed … Continue reading

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the mercy of the wave

When I was very little, I would go to Laguna Beach with my family. My uncle (my stepdad’s brother) lived there, and all the relatives would congregate, bringing a full spread of Lebanese food: stuffed grape leaves, tabbouleh, kibbeh. We … Continue reading

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to the place i belong

I got to Dublin on Friday. I had heard a rumor about the potatoes, but you generally don’t expect rumors to be so true. I love to travel and see new things and try new foods, especially if they’re potatoes … Continue reading

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it’s a nice day when you wake up in disneyland

When I was little, Disneyland sold tickets for rides and Casey’s train still went around the park. The Indiana Jones ride didn’t exist, and the Haunted Mansion was scary. I remember getting a mug from one of my early trips … Continue reading

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I don’t want to join the peace corps anymore

There’s this message board I’ve been going to for years, and they’ve got this obituaries thread. People post when an author or actor or some other celebrity has died. Of course, I have this whole death avoidance problem where I … Continue reading

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