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being funny

I was talking to a friend this weekend about how everything I’m writing is depressing and I can’t seem to write anything else. I sit down and type and it’s all sadness and despair and I wonder if I should … Continue reading

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not [something] enough

When I’m reading a book, I’ll come across a sentence or a phrase or a few words that I want to keep and I fold over the corner of the page, like dropping breadcrumbs so I can find them again. … Continue reading

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to be stone

You have those moments when everything is perfect and you think, this can’t last and one day I will feel indescribable sadness. But not today. And then those moments of sadness come and you think it might be more than … Continue reading

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ticking clocks

“You don’t like the sound of ticking clocks.” “No.” We listened to the twelve chimes as we sat at the kitchen table. Midnight. I thought about how no one else knows that about me. Only my grandpa has known me … Continue reading

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