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conversations with sofia

“What are the names of your goldfish?” “That one is named Sofia. And that one is named Sofia. And that one is named Sofia.” “And what are your dolls’ names?” “This one is Sofia.” “How about this one?” “Sing Sing.”

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something to remember

Last November, my grandmother died. I don’t think I took it very well. Family issues, relationship issues, death issues, and all other sorts of emotional issues entertwined with missing her. This September, my grandfather died. I felt like an orphan. … Continue reading

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practice makes perfect

In mid-2007, I quit a job I liked very much because I wanted more of my life back for, well, life. Yet here I am, at 2am, with hours of work left, overdue projects undone, packing still to do for … Continue reading

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she’ll tell you she’s an orphan, after you meet her family

I don’t know whether or not to get a Christmas tree. I used to love Christmas, maybe because my mom loved it and I used to love everything my mom loved. When I got married, I took with me all … Continue reading

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making room for air

When I was a kid, I wanted things to mean something. I wanted to remember every holiday, every milestone, believe every myth was true. I wanted to find the ends of rainbows so I could talk to leprechauns and bring … Continue reading

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