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settled in heaven

I walked up to the cab and hoisted my bag up into the trunk. The cab driver said he would pay me $100 if I could get his wife to carry a bag that heavy just a few steps. She … Continue reading

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what you’ve seen isn’t there anymore

It’s hard to write when I’m happy. Maybe I have less to think through? I can just enjoy the moments as they come? All I know is that when I feel like I feel now, I can’t stop writing. I … Continue reading

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tangled twisted unraveling entanglement of (non) hope

I accidentally read a sad book today. I managed to leave my kindle at home before leaving on a trip, so I stopped at the bookstore at the airport and I was too short to reach the book I wanted. … Continue reading

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lost in a momentary weakness of emotion

My cat is losing too much weight. He’s lost more than a pound in one week and the doctors are worried and talking about biopsies and potential results and how cats do with chemotherapy. I learned how to give him … Continue reading

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the alternative to sorting mail

A few days ago, after speaking at an event, someone started a conversation with “as a veteran public speaker, you…” Huh. Sometimes you get these glimpses of yourself from a perspective that doesn’t include your baggage and failures and insecurities … Continue reading

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pragmatic irrationality

For a long time, I didn’t like flowers. I know, who doesn’t like flowers, right? But I guess I’d gotten so many flowers delivered to me from guys who really didn’t mean anything by it. It was just this easy, … Continue reading

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