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worldly wise

I love research but resist planning. Research is learning. Planning is adding constraints. Crazy, right? Particularly since in reality, planning often adds freedom. I would likely have lots more time for exploring if I got off a plane and went … Continue reading

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lebanon in layers

I don’t quite know what to say yet about visiting Lebanon. I’ve always had this tendency to see multiple sides of an issue (even when I’m on one of the sides) and I generally don’t believe in the notion of … Continue reading

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i will drink as much lemoncello as i can

True story. A couple of weeks ago, I started an entry with this title and saved it as a draft. But then I never actually wrote the entry. I had been planning to write about how I have this tendency … Continue reading

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lost in translation

They don’t know what to make of me. Yes? They look at me quizzically, not sure what I’m doing there. Once it took three people to figure out what I wanted. The first thought he didn’t understand me and sent … Continue reading

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midwestern thunderstorms in croatia

A storm came through today. Heavy rain and cracks of lightning splitting the sky and booming thunder. We could have been in the midwest — Arkansas or Missouri or Oklahoma. The power flickered and then was out. When the rain … Continue reading

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