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verb. To cheat in return. (OED) My parents had an odd sense of parenting in a number of ways, but none more so than the utter randomness of their strictness. Case in point: When I graduated from high school, I … Continue reading

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christmas conversations

“I don’t know if you’ll like what I got you for Christmas. Not knowing your tastes or anything.” (Translation: I’m your mother and yet you never tell me ANYTHING.) My mom has an interesting sense of privacy. Which is to … Continue reading

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promise not to promise anymore

We all have pictures in our minds of who we want to be. And some days I’m just not that person. Some days I’m sad and useless and I have nothing creative or witty or interesting or smart to say. … Continue reading

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death and gin

Last night, I was sitting at a bar drinking gin, talking to a couple of strangers about death. Somehow we had gotten onto the subject of plane crashes and I said I had recently talked to someone who had been … Continue reading

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who needs love when the sandwiches are wicked and they know you at the mac store

Yesterday, between finishing overdue work for clients, attending a university board lunch, meeting with a potential client, having coffee with someone to talk about organizing an upcoming conference, and answering questions from my editor about my book, I managed to … Continue reading

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all the chances we’re gonna get happen here and now

Life’s a blur speeding past the window We’d love to stop but who has the time So much to do – we’re so far behind And we stay that way no matter how fast we go I wonder what’s the … Continue reading

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a story of a terrible daughter

How does one explain the following: when looking at the start menu of a computer, the icon for Firefox says “Internet” beside it and “Mozilla Firefox” below it and the icon for Internet Explorer says “Internet” beside it and “Internet … Continue reading

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something else to add to the insanity list

It is so incredibly easy to slip into this place of letting the flaws of others — issues that have nothing to do with us — influence how we feel about ourselves. I don’t know why it’s such a comfortable … Continue reading

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