balance (again)

Independence is a long, hard road. And maybe we don’t ever get to the place where we don’t need people. Should we even want to get to that place? But there’s a balance (yes, balance again) between isolating yourself for self-preservation and being so vulnerable and open that you have no protection at all. A space between relying only on yourself and expecting all of your strength to come from those around you.

And I guess I’d like to think I could come to a place that I could drop every wall but it’s difficult to be disappointed, to be hurt, and I wonder, can I go through that again?

I’m reading this book on the skills of successful leaders and there’s an interesting point that while too much pessimism isn’t a helpful trait for a leader, neither is too much optimism. Sometimes the opposite of something negative can be just as negative.

But then, the thought of never throwing caution to the wind again is difficult too. Everyone needs passion in their lives. Don’t they?

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