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i’m good at spin

It always confuses me when I realize someone is envious. Why would anyone envy this? I wake up and I work and I feel the crushing weight of not being able to stop and it’s lonely and it’s relentless and … Continue reading

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from there to here

I’m sitting in a hamman in Morocco, drinking tea. Not a traditional hamman, where the locals go, where you pay $3 and you and your neighbor take turns scrubbing each others’ backs. This is a fancy, upscale hamman, with dark … Continue reading

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i don’t want to write today

Sometimes, I got nothing. I could write about how very sad I am that my cat is dying and that I have to somehow, somehow figure out how to make the decision of when to let him go only I … Continue reading

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it’s not really as bad as all this

I was sitting in a deserted corner of the Pittsburgh airport a few nights ago, waiting for a flight that would take me to Minneapolis, where I could in turn catch a flight that would get me back to Seattle. … Continue reading

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death and gin

Last night, I was sitting at a bar drinking gin, talking to a couple of strangers about death. Somehow we had gotten onto the subject of plane crashes and I said I had recently talked to someone who had been … Continue reading

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all the chances we’re gonna get happen here and now

Life’s a blur speeding past the window We’d love to stop but who has the time So much to do – we’re so far behind And we stay that way no matter how fast we go I wonder what’s the … Continue reading

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