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from there to here

I’m sitting in a hamman in Morocco, drinking tea. Not a traditional hamman, where the locals go, where you pay $3 and you and your neighbor take turns scrubbing each others’ backs. This is a fancy, upscale hamman, with dark … Continue reading

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christmas conversations

“I don’t know if you’ll like what I got you for Christmas. Not knowing your tastes or anything.” (Translation: I’m your mother and yet you never tell me ANYTHING.) My mom has an interesting sense of privacy. Which is to … Continue reading

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a story of a terrible daughter

How does one explain the following: when looking at the start menu of a computer, the icon for Firefox says “Internet” beside it and “Mozilla Firefox” below it and the icon for Internet Explorer says “Internet” beside it and “Internet … Continue reading

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she’ll tell you she’s an orphan, after you meet her family

I don’t know whether or not to get a Christmas tree. I used to love Christmas, maybe because my mom loved it and I used to love everything my mom loved. When I got married, I took with me all … Continue reading

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