I feel so pretty

This morning, I was sneaking home, as wanton single women tend to do, and my hair was all frazzled and wild, and I’m sure mascara was everywhere. And the best of it was that I was wearing jeans with black boots last night, but this morning I was wearing sweats (cropped sweats even, which just makes the outfit so much hipper), but I still only had my boots for footwear. So, if you can imagine, ankle-high boots and sweats that ended mid-calf. I was a hottie, I’m telling you. And P. kissed me as I left and told me I looked very fashionable. I felt so pretty.

So, I was really hoping that no one would actually see me as I walked to my car. My exact thoughts were along the lines of “no one see me, no one see me, no one…” You get the idea.

Of course, as I walked out towards the parking lot, I saw a woman walking ahead of me with her dog. And then she turned and saw me. And then she stopped. And walked towards me. And came up really close. Which is when I remembered I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet, but what can you do.

She pointed to my car and asked if it was mine. I expected her to have some issue with it. Why I assume the worst in people, I have no idea. I was ready to defend where I parked, defend the offensive purple color, something. I was just looking for something different and fun when I picked the color! I was tired of black cars. How was I to know that you get tired of purple I whole lot quicker than black? And then she said, “you know, there are three unassigned spaces in the garage. They are trying to sell them, but until they do, no one’s using them.”

And she said that she had started parking in one and she would leave a note on my car to tell me what spaces the others were. Because it sucks to scrape ice off your windows or hunt for a space at night.

Wow. That was really nice that she thought of me. Also makes me feel a little dorky that I’ve been out there scraping my windows in cropped sweats and knee-high boots often enough that someone has noticed me. But it would never cross my mind to do offer that up like she did. If I learned about empty spaces, I’d just park there. It wouldn’t even occur to me to tell someone who I often saw with the same parking dilemma as I had. I also don’t pay attention to the world around me enough to have any idea who might have the same parking dilemma I had, actually. She told me what her car was, I guess assuming I would have noticed her as much as she noticed me. Blue Outback? No idea. Never seen it before. I’m so oblivious.

When most of your interaction with people is when they cut you off on the freeway, it’s easy to forget that sometimes, people are nice. And when people look at me, it’s easy to remember that sometimes, people have no fashion sense.

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