it’s difficult to type with one hand

I haven’t had a minute to breathe or do laundry or have sex or pay my car insurance (apparently, according to the late notice that came in the mail) for months because I am somehow unable to stop working or traveling for work or having work pile up so that I feel as though I’m behind and not able to actually accomplish anything no matter how many hours I put in. Which, whatever, I’m crazy and somehow have spread myself just way too thin and can’t prioritize my life in any reasonable way.

I was home only three days out of two weeks and spent those days on the couch with my laptop.

And then I spent a week doing absolutely nothing. Seriously. Nothing. Not catching up on laundry or gardening or cooking or hiking or writing. Elbow surgery can do that. I guess I thought that I could pop into the hospital between meetings, but it turns out there’s a lot of loopiness and pain and medication and inability to move one’s arm and hand after surgery like this.

After a week of that, I went back to work on Monday. But it’s funny how having only one arm available slows you down. Things are slowly getting better with the pain and the ability to move and I’m trying to keep myself from going back to life without catching my breath.

Can elbow surgery improve my elbow and my life?

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