“We have no glasses. Oh wait. No wine glasses either. Do we even have a cork screw?”

“Oh! On my knife!”

“No forks for the salad.”

“We have these little plastic spoons from Baskin Robbins!”

“Don’t lose those.”

“It’s a good thing we stopped and got ice cream.”

This is what happens when you pack up and move all of your stuff, and when you are almost done and have only the big screen TV and futon left, decide that you’ve become very lazy and can just finish tomorrow. We have the TV and futon, you think. We can get pizza and drink wine and watch movies.

So, you rescue some wine from a box and you get pizza and ice cream and DVDs and then you realize that you no longer have any plates, cups, utensils, or other items that might be handy for eating.

We somehow managed. We found an empty water bottle and a measuring cup: both fine wine glasses in a pinch! P.’s swiss army knife had a cork screw, and it was really fun to watch him try to use it. Those little pink plastic ice cream spoons are not ideal for eating salad, but then, it wasn’t a great tragedy to be blocked from salad anyway.

And now, a week and a half later…

I have been wary about living with another person, I know. But last night, I came home from work. P. handed me a freshly-made margarita and was in the midst of making tortilla soup, chicken fajitas, and homemade guacamole for dinner. I could get used to this.

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