picking up boys in cars

On my way home from work last night, I just wasn’t in the mood for music and NPR was airing some really boring interview and since I caught only the middle, I couldn’t even figure out what they were talking about, so I flipped to the local men’s station. The station of last resort. It used to be amusing sometimes, but now it’s just repetitive. And there’s just so much a person can take of hearing man after man that you would never date ever in your entire life even if the fate the world depended on it call in and whine about how women are bitches and don’t respond to the good pickup lines.

But anyway, the hour’s topic was a little different because the host had asked women to call in to talk about the worst place a man has tried to pick them up. And yes, some of the places were pretty bad (her father’s funeral, at an STD clinic), but then a woman called in to talk about how the absolute worst time a guy has tried to pick her up is when she’s been driving her car.

I suppose I might find it irritating now if guys tried to pick me up while I was driving. I wouldn’t really know since guys don’t try to do that anymore. Dammit. Why don’t guys try to hit on me anymore when I drive? I drive a cute car. I choose to blame it on the city in which I live. Maybe hitting on people in cars is a California thing. Because when I lived there I got hit on all the time while driving. Also, I was many years younger, which could potentially be a factor. I’m choosing to believe it’s the state.

When I was in high school and college, I lived in California, and I drove a cute little sports car, and I almost never got irritated when guys hit on me while I was driving except maybe when they would hang completely out the car window and yell “woohoo”, because why in the world would they think that I would find that attractive?

Looking back, I suppose I was a little naive and reckless (possibly stupid is the word I’m looking for actually), but I met guys all the time on the road. One time, for instance, I pulled up to a light and noticed the guy next to me in an Opel GT. That was a sweet car. So, I tried to race him off the line and we eventually both pulled over and talked by the side of the road for a while until finally he said, “why are we standing here on the side of the road? Let’s go hang out at my house!” And rather than say, you are a strange man who I only just met on the side of the road, I followed him to his house and drank beer until 4am. (I know, but dude. An Opel GT looks like this.)

Another time, I was in stand still traffic in LA and I ever so slightly hit the bumper of the guy in front of me. Turns out he was cute, and we had to exchange numbers anyway… What choice did I have?

It may seem risky to meet a guy on the road, but how much more do you know about a guy you meet in a bar? Or a library for that matter? I’d say you know more about then on the road because you know what kind of driver they are. And if they drive a sexy Opel GT. And if they yell “woohoo” while hanging out the window. These are important things to know in any relationship.

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