the block

I still have writer’s block, and actually, it’s grown into a large looming mountain. Which is a little inconvenient for me since I write for a living, after all. All I really needed to do today was edit something. However, I didn’t need to make it better; I needed to make it shorter. The text has to fit onto teeny tiny Pocket Internet Explorer pages on cell phone screens. And to edit text to make it shorter, you really need to rewrite it. Only even rewriting is a lost cause at the moment.

I think part of the trouble is that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and out of control in general. Things I need to do are stacking up. Suddenly, it’s the end of the day, and I haven’t done all of those things I need to do. It’s making me distracted. I’m also trying to eat more healthfully, which means of course that I suddenly want food that’s entirely bad for me. And I want it now. I think I should resolve to eat only fast food because that would cause my brain to rebel and crave only fresh vegetables.

Well, block or not, I need to get this text to fit onto itty bitty screens by tomorrow, so off I go. Fortunately, I only have to get a rough cut done for translation estimation purposes. I can refine the text into something that’s actually good a little later. Hopefully I’ll be past the block by then. Well, the project keeps slipping so anything’s possible.

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