the glittery magic wand

It’s Christmas.

Well, it’s Christmas Eve, which is the same thing, really. At every momentous day of the year: my birthday, New Year’s Day, Christmas, I expect some big Life Change. Like a spotlight is going to shine down on me and my fairy godmother is going to float down on glittering breezes and swoosh her magic wand and make everything wonderful and joyous. But in the end, I’m still me.

My life is pretty great, really. It’s been a gradual climb, as life always is, with crappy days and wondeful days, and lots of ordinary days.

Now that I’ve finally let go of all the meaningless stress, this holiday is pretty great too. P. and I made the airport yesterday to find that our flight was right on time, while the earlier flight to Houston was delayed more than five hours. We hung out in the airline’s private lounge. Everyone there was on the delayed flight and hanging out in the bar, where the alcohol is free. We had two shots of tequila with lemon (lemon?) and had a fairly uneventful flight. (Well, I did apparently squeeze P.’s hand almost completely off at one point, but there were bumps!)

Today, we wrapped the gifts, and have been drinking margaritas (the traditional Christmas drink!) and it’s snowing.

But I’m still watching it all from the outside with a critical eye. Watching me. Maybe I’ll at least get the glittery wand in my stocking in the morning.

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