the more you fall, the more better you get

I was at a skateboarding park the other day (yes, I know I’m old, but old people skateboarding is not a crime!) and first, skateboarding is much harder than it looks. Look around the next time you see skateboarders and find the one who’s really terrible, who you think looks incredibly lame and can barely stay up, much less move in a forward direction. That person is probably a hundred times better than you would be if you tried it. It’s hard!

So, I was attempting to not fall over (I was very unsuccessful, by the way) and this little kid who was bad but probably a thousand times better than I was said, “the more you fall, the more better you get”. And then he skated around me and went down a ramp and generally mocked my inability to conquer a small piece of wood with wheels. But in a nice way.

I was with a friend who said he should be fucking awesome by now then. Me too. Not at skateboarding. I mean at life.

It sort of sucks that life is a practice round for which there is no other round. It’s like taking golf lessons but never actually getting to play a game of golf.

All I can do is keep practicing. And falling. And hopefully getting more better.

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