2004: a reduction

In the regular day to day, it can seem like nothing happens, that little is accomplished. We forget that watching life too closely can be like lying in a field, watching the grass grow. Life takes time, takes patience.

From a distance, my grievances are small, my joys many.

Last year, I hiked to a glacier. I sat by the fire as we camped, drank wine, and played scrabble. I snowboarded in a tank top. I toured many wineries. And a cheese factory. I fed a goat. I wrote a lot. I did tequila shots on the beach. I watched otters in two states twirl and play. I learned to the avoid the margaritas at Clint Eastwood’s restaurant. I ate too much cheese. I did oyster shots, twice. I ran a 5K. I discovered new vegetables. I traveled. I napped with my cats. I welcomed my niece into the world. I felt love. I learned Japanese, a little. I learned to let go, a lot.

It was a good year.

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