ways mcdonald’s in berlin is different than in the us

  1. They put cucumbers on their burgers instead of pickles.
  2. You can have one packet of ketchup or one packet of mayo for your fries. You can have one of each for an extra charge.
  3. Happy meals have chocolate milk in them.
  4. A cup of water is carbonated.
  5. A “bottle” of water is in a soft plastic package similar to a juice pack. It’s also carbonated.
  6. You can only order meals, complete with a side and a drink, not individual items. Meals are around $9.
  7. You can order waffle fries. But only with one packet of ketchup or one packet of mayo.
  8. As with all other restaurants in Berlin, you can sit outside under sun umbrellas and smoke for hours. The difference is these umbrellas have “McCafe” written on them.
  9. Competition appears to be primarily from Pizza Hut and KFC. Also with their own versions of McCafes.

Bonus McDonald’s fact: In Slovenia, all the cafe umbrellas say “I’m loving it” on them. As though they had extra from the U.S. and couldn’t be bothered to print any in Slovene. I don’t know if they also put cucumbers on their burgers.

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