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day two

We had a little bit more of a plan for the second day, although we did have our Amazing Race moments. Tuesday was dolphin day. Dolphins! I had made reservations online a few weeks before, so we just needed to … Continue reading

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go at your own pace

My job right now reminds me a lot of third grade. In third grade, I went to a Christian school that was organized thusly: elementary school in one room; middle and high school in another. Long tables lined the walls, … Continue reading

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day one

I worried that we planned too much for the trip. It’s vacation. You don’t want to be tied to some schedule. You want to relax and just do whatever you feel like. As it turned out, we should have planned … Continue reading

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All of this was transcribed from my journal. I wrote it last week while we were in Mexico. I kept getting distracted by tequila and pretty sparkling water, so these transcriptions don’t paint much of a complete picture. (May 1, … Continue reading

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life is messy

I should be cleaning right now. I did empty the dishwasher and throw a load of laundry into the washing machine so that’s, er, sort of like cleaning, right? I have a long way to go. Things got a little … Continue reading

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a message filled with static

My cats are absolutely fine. In fact, they are currently curled up on either side of me, both leaning on my legs just a little, purring, nodding off, every so often licking my arm. The one cat keep looking up … Continue reading

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