a story of a terrible daughter

How does one explain the following: when looking at the start menu of a computer, the icon for Firefox says “Internet” beside it and “Mozilla Firefox” below it and the icon for Internet Explorer says “Internet” beside it and “Internet Explorer” below it.

Are they two separate internets? Do they lead to different destinations? Clearly, the answer is yes.

Proof? When you open one and click the down arrow on the address bar, the list of sites available to you is completely different than when you do the same with the other. The list of bookmarks is also entirely different. Obviously, you can go to different places in each.

Add to this the following story:

Say someone purchases data (possibly this data is a list of so-called “leads” for a shady, commission-only mortgage broker “job”, and possibly this “someone” can’t waste her time with jobs that pay actual “salaries” because they don’t get you rich quick enough, but I digress) in spreadsheet format. And say that when opening that data in Excel, the columns are too narrow so that the information is cut off and only the first few letters of each word are visible. What can one do except purchase more data in hopes that it contains all the words and not just parts of them?

Honestly, what other choice does one have?

Now tell me, dear reader, what would you do if this person, facing such conundrums of multiple internets and partial words, if this person caught in such overwhelming adversity were your mother?

Exactly right. You would do the only thing there really is to do in such a situation. Nod sympathetically at the trouble and toil she is up against and wish her the very best of luck in her pursuit of internets and spreadsheets. And sleep like a baby all night long.

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