I have turned into a crazy person. Quite possibly, I was always a crazy person, but I’ve now become someone who you slowly back away from, someone who wanders randomly and talks to herself in the streets. Yes, I’ve gotten a bluetooth headset. In fact, I’ve just gotten a newer, smaller one that is hidden under my hair, so if you happen to see me wandering the street, muttering to myself, and you peer over to my ear to see if I’m on the phone or simply bonkers, you’ll go with bonkers.

That’s the least of my craziness though. Worse still is how much I love the little bluetooth headset. It’s so small! I can talk without my hands!

Years ago, I had this obsession with buying shoes. I couldn’t pass a shoe store without buying another pair. It didn’t matter if I already had black boots; I didn’t have black boots with little laces up the side! Or with a buckle! I had hundreds of pairs.

That obsession has waned — replaced by an obsession with technology. I now have a blackberry and a cell phone and I almost don’t want to say how much I love them both. I could explain to you why I need both of them, but you’d only pat my head and call the straight jacket people. Today, I was instant messaging while at Home Depot! A blackberry may be the most brilliant invention ever. For crazy people.

I also recently purchased a Nintendo DS Lite. So I could have a pet dog, who I teach tricks. I think this is brilliant as well, because while I love dogs, this one won’t wake me up every day at 4am for walks. I don’t think, anyway. It’s like when you were in school and had to take care of an egg like it was a baby, except it’s in a cute little black case. Maybe schools today hand out Nintendo DS Lites instead of eggs. Someone should suggest that.

Earlier, I was in Fry’s, gazing longingly at the micro memory. It was just like those days in the shoe store. Except the memory was smaller and cuter and any shoe could ever be.

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