do what makes you happy always

The trouble is the wine cabinet.

A friend gave it to me when she moved and while I did manage to carry it from my car into the house, it’s awkwardly shaped and folds out, which makes it difficult to get a good grasp on.

I need to get it down the stairs.

For now, it sits just inside the front door, mocking my independence and self-reliance. Of course, I pay for said independence and self-reliance and I did in fact ask my assistant to help me carry it down the stairs. But while her skills are many, furniture mover is not among them.

This is where it all falls apart, my careful plans of architecting my life just so. I don’t need anyone until I need to zip up the back of my dress. So I don’t buy dresses that zip up the back.

Only now, here’s this wine cabinet. I can’t take it back. But to keep it, I need to ask for help, to rely on someone else

And with this, I have no experience at all.

I was texting with a friend. She is trying to decide what to do with her career. I told her, “do what makes you happy always”, but I really meant to tell myself.

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