fox fire drinking game

My first mistake was answering the phone. I knew it was my mom, but I answered anyway.

“I’m trying to print something, and there was an error. So, I couldn’t print.”

Aha. A printer problem. I can deal with a printer problem.

“So, Sarah was over and she couldn’t open something in fox fire and so she did the internet explorer. But then my favorites were gone. All my favorites! They weren’t anywhere in the internet explorer.”

This was sounding suspiciously not like a printer problem. In any way.

I considered attempting to explain why Firefox bookmarks wouldn’t show up in Internet Explorer, but I decided to take a shot of tequila instead.

“So, then I tried to print and it said there was an error. And I didn’t know why I couldn’t find my favorites. So, I deleted fox fire.”

I hoped we had another bottle of tequila.

“So, where are my favorites? I can’t find them.”

“Um, you deleted them?”

“So, where are they? How can I get them?”

“Um, you deleted them? So, they’re gone. That’s what “deleted” means.”

“But it was all my favorite sites and I don’t know how to get to them anymore!”

“OK, well, why did you delete Firefox?”

“I don’t know. I just thought it would be a good idea.”

The sad part is that she somehow knew enough to delete Firefox from Add/Remove programs and didn’t just delete the shortcut. I went through great lengths to make sure it didn’t still exist somewhere. And if you’ve ever tried to troubleshoot computer problems over the phone, I don’t have to tell you how much tequila this took.

“So, click your Start menu.”

“With my left finger or my right finger?”

Eventually, I got her to install Firefox 1.5 and amazingly enough, that restored her bookmarks and fixed her printer problem.

I’m really drunk now.

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