giant spider alien tidal wave cliff

I try to do too many things at once. I don’t mean I have too many browser tabs open and I answer email while I’m on a conference call, although both of those things are true. I mean that I might think to myself that I want to write a book on one thing and a different book on something else and also I want to create a software product and I want to buy and remodel a house and travel to Paris and start a web site and instead of thinking, yes, I will do all of those things, I think, yes, I must start all of those things right now, all at the same time.

I blame the rapture. Since I grew up in never-ending terror that the world would end at any moment, my childhood was like one of those scenes in an apocalyptic movie where an astroid or alien ship or whatever has just destroyed a city and the world has dropped away and now there’s just a huge gaping cliff instead of the Statue of Liberty and it’s growing larger and larger by the second and then a tidal wave the size of Los Angeles appears and everyone is running for their lives, trying to outpace the ever-growing cliff and wave and giant spider overlords.

Just picture that and replace the tidal wave or overlord spider or what have you with Jesus.

So I have this frantic panic when I do anything, like there’s not enough time, I’m running out of time, WHY CAN’T YOU RUN FASTER?

And that tends to make me try to take on too many things at once.

And because I have to do everything right now, all at once, and it has to be finished, right now, there is no room for delay or inefficiency or wasted time. ┬áThere’s just no time to walk behind slow people or wait for the waiter to bring the check.

The fault clearly lies with God.

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