how do we get to where we end up?

How it happened is this.

I didn’t set out to start a business or run a company or have employees. I didn’t have revenue goals, business plans, value props. What happened was, someone asked me for help. And I felt bad saying no. And so I said yes. But then someone else asked me for help. And then someone else. And so I kept helping them.

Not that I rescued orphans from collapsed mines or anything, you understand. These were just businesses looking for help with the kind of thing I’m good at. Only it got to where I had too many to help so then I started getting other people to help me help them.

So now I’m in this weird spot. Because suddenly I’m running a company and have employees and I should have revenue goals, business plans, value props. But instead, if someone wants me to bid for a project or provide references and examples of my work so they can compare me to the other companies they’re considering, I think THANK GOD I don’t have to help them. They have someone else to help them! I don’t have time to add them to my list of people to help, much less fill out their bid forms and reference sheets. But I suppose that’s not the correct perspective for a CEO.

It’s perplexing sometimes.

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