if not quiet, then peace

The thing about Paris cafes is that they’re noisy. I know they sound romantic and wonderful and presumably all you need to do is walk into a Parisian cafe and order an espresso and you’ll have a complete novel written in an afternoon.

But also they’re really crowded in a way that makes the idea of personal space a fantasy. And everyone has to talk really loud in order to be heard over the table next to them. And sidewalk cafe implies that they’re directly next to the street and Parisians love their extraordinary loud motor scooters.

But OK, at least you can have a chocolate croissant while you sip your espresso. No. Croissants are only available before noon. But you can certainly have chocolate cake.

Paris Cafe

But where else can you linger all day and write or read and drink espresso or rosé and never be bothered at all?


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