in the easy silence that you make for me

I miss music.

Sometimes, I just need quiet (although my ability to get that ended when I started working at company with one of those nifty “open office” arrangments, aka “rooms of chaos and noise”). And I get into weird talk radio moods, although there’s only so much NPR one person can take.

I mostly can’t listen to music while I’m writing. The words get all tangled together like sheets. But when I’ve been writing a lot, I like to listen to music between the writing. Which makes me want to write more. Books are the same. If I’m reading something really good, it motivates me to go try and write something that halfway measures up.

But I don’t listen to music anymore and I really miss it. I suppose it’s my own fault and my weakness for technology. Once I got an iPod, I forgot how to carry CDs in my car or bring them to work. And then my iPod broke. And now I have to listen to morning talk radio in the car, the crappy overhead music at the gym, and my noisy coworkers at the office.

You might think the answer is to go over to my CD cabinet and get some CDs, but you would be wrong. The answer is to get a new iPod. Although then I’ll also need time to organize all my music and upload it. I don’t even think I still have the computer where I installed iTunes, so I’ll probably have to start burning my music all over again. I may have a bunch of mp3s on my old laptop, but you can see that clearly, I need my assistant to make this all work.

I did buy the latest Dixie Chicks CD over the weekend (the source of the title of this post), and I’ve been listening to it in the car on the drive to and from work. It’s reminding me of just how much I really do miss music. It’s ridiculous, right, that I don’t even make time for that? If the world can’t stop to give me time to organize my life, can it at least stop long enough for me to organize my music?

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