life is messy

I should be cleaning right now. I did empty the dishwasher and throw a load of laundry into the washing machine so that’s, er, sort of like cleaning, right? I have a long way to go. Things got a little messy around here. Life has been like this:

Step 1: Spend all my free time looking for another job, preparing writing samples and researching companies and going on interviews and being stressed out and whining to P. that no one will ever hire me and being dramatic and generally flailing about.

Step 2: Have a phone interview with a company I really like. Don’t hear anything back for two weeks. Interview with another company and get offered a job during the interview. Mostly like the job, but have a few worries. Ultimately accept the job.

Step 3: Hear back from the company I really like who wants to fly me to the headquarters for more interviews (although the job would be local). Freak out. Tell the recruiter about the other job and say that although you would normally not pressure the recruiter in this way, would need things to be resolved super quick for this to work out.

Step 4: Fly down to headquarters, interview all day, fly back same night. Am told that offer is imminent. Freak out some more about already accepted job. Eventually get and accept new offer only days before supposed to start at other job. Go through awful process of rescinding acceptance.

Step 5: Meanwhile, try to get tons of stuff wrapped up at old job. Then spend one week at headquarters of new job training.

Step 6: Start working at new job in local office, learning all new stuff, liking it! At same time, helping P. get condo ready to put on the market.

Step 7: Apartment woefully neglected entire time.

Step 8: Go to Mexico! Spend wonderful week of getting lots of clothes really dirty.

Step 9: Arrive home, go straight to conference, meet out-of-town friend. Really dirty laundry sits in suitcases for days. Closet is ransacked as frantically grab random clothes suitable for conference. Meet with real estate agents about condo offer.

Step 10: Back to work; no time for laundry.

Step 11: Finally the weekend! Spend all day looking at houses.

So, now it’s Saturday night. I had a really big nap with the cats. We’re going to be gone all day tomorrow, so now would be a really good time to get to cleaning, because once Monday comes, it’ll be work and house hunting all week.

But honestly, I’m a little exhausted.

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