settled in heaven

I walked up to the cab and hoisted my bag up into the trunk. The cab driver said he would pay me $100 if I could get his wife to carry a bag that heavy just a few steps. She would never even try it! Where had I been carrying it? Oh, London, Dublin, LA.

He asked who was waiting for me when I got home. This is a favorite question of cab drivers. They seem impressed at my self-reliance in carrying heavy bags, then wonder why it is I don’t have a man around to help carry them.

Perhaps I’m too able to carry my own bags?

Who’s waiting for me when I get home? My cats. Oh, so you’re not married, he said. No.

Then he told me that in India, they have a proverb: Marriages are settled in heaven and celebrated on earth”. Translation: it’s already decided who you’ll end up with, and when you meet that person, joy abounds.

It’s already settled in heaven, he told me. Your husband is looking for you. And you are hiding.

I told him I couldn’t possibly be hiding as I’ve been traveling around just about everywhere. When I stop hiding, he’ll find me. Soon, he said.

He also gave me throat lozenge for my scratchy throat. I gave him a good tip.

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