ed the plumber and toxic drugs

I can’t be sick right now. I have to finish a bunch of projects at work and make good on my promise to go the gym every day and cook healthy food for dinner all this week and get the house ready for people coming to stay for Christmas and do my Christmas shopping that I haven’t even thought about starting yet and take my cats to the vet to get their teeth cleaned because the bad breath smell is permeating the entire house and we can barely breathe in there and clear off the huge branches that are covering our driveway, deck, yard, and roof from the last windstorm and finish sanding the walls and make little Christmas cookies and sweets and be a generally happy person in the holiday spirit.

I can’t be sick.

I was browsing the journals at Holidailies and noticed someone say that they’ve once again waited until the last minute for shopping and now, once again, they’re in a panic. And at the time (yesterday), I thought, panic? Why would anyone panic yet? It’s not even time to start thinking about shopping. Only now, I understand. What if you get sick and all you want to do is stay in bed with the covers over your head and instead you have to brave the scary stores? Or make your brain work enough to buy things online? Maybe it’s time to panic after all.

There’s no positive spin to being sick. You can try to dress it up by saying it’s your free ticket for laziness, for watching TV and making people bring you stuff, but that’s all crap. You can’t enjoy the laziness or the bringing of stuff and TV is generally not all that great anyway. More hours of Ed the Plumber on DIY network is not going to improve my life as much as one might think.

Medicine doesn’t seem to help much either. At least, we don’t have anything useful at our house and I’m in no state to browse the drugstore aisles. We have lots of medicine — all kinds! For colds, flus, migraines, anxiety, you name it. However, most of it expired several years ago. We spend a lot of time debating just how old medine can be before it actively poisons you. I’m in the “throw it away” camp. P. doesn’t like to waste things. We have the same problem with food. “I’ll just try it. I can’t hurt,” is always his initial response in these situations. “Well, it could KILL you,” I tend to think. It’s hard for us to find a compromise position.

All I have to look forward it is Ed the plumber and toxic drugs. I just really can’t be sick.

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