Sometimes, it’s all about me

Hi. I’m Alice. Well, Alice in the sense of names being changed to protect the innocent and the guilty, which leads to the reason for this journal.

Why exactly are you starting this journal? Don’t you have three million other places to write online?
Note, the part of you is being played in my head as a very naggy voice. I’m sure the real you is much more pleasant. I do have a lot of other places I write online actually. I have a food log and an angsty journal and a regular journal and a pop culture site, and another… Well, never mind. Yes. I do have other places to write. And I’ve found that despite all those promises of yore, you aren’t anonymous on the Internet. And I realized that although I have all of these places to write, I never really write at any of them without thinking about who might be reading them. So, I thought I’d try writing in a scary new place, a place where no one knows me. We’ll see how it goes.

Well, OK, who are you then?
I like coffee a lot. Alton Brown is my TV boyfriend. [Note the details originally here have been changed, in a “life is a journey” kind of way. Not the band. Although they were a fine, fine musical act. So, the details have been replaced with this note, and you can make up any journey for me you would like. Sort of choose your own adventure. But it’s more my own adventure, and I don’t actually have to do what you say.] I have cats. I’m terminally lazy. I don’t like umbrellas. Or lumps in my mashed potatoes.

So, what’s with the sparse Web accouterments?
Web design and I are fast friends. But in this case, Web design was keeping me from just getting started already. I had to design a layout, and then code it, and then make images, and then… well, I just decided to get started already. I found the kubrick v1..2.5 layout (isn’t it lovely?) and went with it. I suppose one day, when I’m looking for ways to procrastinate something important that I should really be doing, I’ll add a bit of spiffiness or links or something, but I’m liking kubrick for the moment.

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