sometimes the randomness of the universe is orange-infused water

I am overloaded again. I have let myself get overloaded again. I have overloaded myself. Again. This time, I’m better equipped to recognize it. To stay sane while it all swirls around me. To know that it’s happening, at least. And know that all of this is data to help prevent it the next time. Or better understand it the next time. Or learn a little more the next time.

I woke up this morning in Albuquerque and the hotel was lovely and I was irritated because of how much work I still have to do, despite vowing not to get this overloaded and trying for so long to get a handle on the overloadedness I’ve allowed and the room didn’t have a room service menu and when I called they said well, obviously, I just have to turn on the TV to find it.

And then when I called back to order and asked what vegan options they had for breakfast, the person on the phone suggested eggs. So I didn’t have any breakfast. And then I took the stairs instead of the elevator to the lobby with my luggage, only the stairs didn’t lead to the lobby. They led somewhere outside. So I went back up the stairs only the doors to all the floors were locked so I went back downstairs and looked for the lobby outside with my luggage. And then also I was hungry and hadn’t had much coffee.

So I was irritated and I told the woman at the front desk that the stairs should really have a sign that warned of what befalls those who use them.

I looked online and found a cafe at a resort and spa in the middle of nowhere on the way to where I was driving next. Eventually, I came upon a gate and I pressed a button to be let in. I was 30 minutes early and the restaurant wasn’t open yet. It wasn’t quite hang around outside weather but I could see that the resort didn’t have any indoor hanging out spots. I went to the office and asked for advice. He directed me to the relaxation at the spa, and I thought, great. I’ll walk all the way over there, and they’ll tell me that only spa guests can use the spa relaxation.

Only now I’m in a quiet, peaceful room, with comfy chairs with blankets and soothing music and hot tea and water with orange slices. And no internet or cell service.

The randomness of the universe is sometimes irritating. But sometimes it’s a surprise relaxation room with orange-infused water.

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