the fallacy of having it all

Reading the reviews for this book [which talks about women entrepreneurs], I was struck by the following:

Alas she then writes how relationships may change. Marriages may fail, kids and friends my become distant, because your work needs so much of your time.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of having it all.

It’s not that the promise of having it all is a lie, it’s that some important truths are missing. The costs, the tradeoffs. What it takes to get there.

You can have a successful career and friends and a relationship and children and pursue your dreams all at the same time. But can you really devote enough time and energy to all of them? Can you both stay late at work to meet a deadline and be home in time to make your kids dinner?

And does the stress of keeping all of those plates spinning outweigh the joy of having such a multitude of plates?

Or is there greater joy in fewer things spinning but more time to contemplate and experience them?

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