the heart of texas

We stopped at a BBQ place on our way to the airport today, to get one last taste of Texas flavor. One thing I really appreciate about Texas is the iced tea. Texas is south enough that you can get it anywhere, but not so far south that it’s all sweetened. Many restaurants compromise and offer both types. I remember the sadness when I moved to Wisconsin and realized that my never-ending iced tea days were over. Many places don’t serve it all, and those that do offer it “seasonally”. I guess they figure that no one needs a cold drink when it’s 25 below zero before wind chill (unless that cold drink is beer). I went through a McDonald’s drive-through once, sorely in need of some iced tea, only to be told that was only available in summer. Such trauma I had to suffer.

Anyway, As we were walking back to the car after feasting on a variety of meats (accented by the many animal heads on the walls and the cow hide decorating our table), I realized we were in the quintessential Texas shopping center — truly the heart of texas.

Texas parking lot

Once you’re done fishing, you can stock up on ammunition and shoot an animal. When the vet can’t save it, just pop over and get it stuffed, then donate it to the wildlife exhibit. Truly, the circle of life.

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