the year that was

If you don’t have a journal, you get to the end of the year, and you can just assume that you accomplished every last one of your resolutions. A year is a long time, so surely there was enough time to do everything, and anyway, who can remember that far back?

However, if you have a journal, and you are short-sighted enough to record your resolutions, not thinking about that day when you’ll look back and realize you did nothing the entire year, you don’t have the luxury of assumption and lack of written proof otherwise.

I always think new year’s resolutions are dumb, because why wait until the end of the year, when you can change your life any day you want? However, I tend to forget to make the little changes, until suddenly, it’s a whole new year and then I remember. (Big changes aren’t as hard to remember to do, as they’re like huge waves that overtake everything in their paths. And then you think, oh right, here’s this gigantic wave. I’d better learn to surf REALLY quickly.)

So, I made some resolutions and I wrote them down for the world to see. Had I remembered them during the year, I might have accomplished more of them.

I did OK at doing more things that scare me. I rappeled down a cliff and flew down a zipline in Mexico, even though I was completely paralyzed with fear and was sure I would plummet to my death. I even went back and the zip line again when I didn’t die the first time. I tried jellyfish, even though I definitely knew in advance that it would be horrid and squishy. I didn’t realize just quite how horrid it be though, truthfully. I may not have put it in my mouth had I known. I even went to the top of the Space Needle, even though I’ve made a point of avoiding it ever since I moved here, and have even refused to bring visisting friends who would never have the chance to go to the top again. Of course, that took several margaritas and a crowd of friends forcing me to the elevator, but still. It counts.

I did not, however, buy new slippers. I can’t even tell you how smelly my old ones are now.

I was still pretty bitchy too. I honked at someone just today. Bitchiness is a hard state to overcome. I can really only suspend it for short periods. But I think I’ve come to terms with that, and that’s just as good. Right?

I did drink a lot more wine though. P. and I spent my birthday driving through vineyards and tasting wine. And we saw stars through a huge telescope and then had more wine.

In spite of the smelly slippers, it was a very good year.

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